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On ambushes and disproportionate encounters

Okay, Xiggy is on his way to Canadia so I thought I’d highjack this thing for a recap of the events of Game Session número dos.

Starting out, we encountered several problems AGAIN when Wallace Doherty, aka Alt, was a no show. This was a problem because Alt had hosted and saved the campaign in maptools. Our only hope then was Quarl hosting, since both I and the gamemaster are hated by maptools.

Problem two was that we were now only two PCs, and fairly squishy to boot. In the nick of time, I pulled a friend out of my ass and instructed him to play a badly-built fighter I made for him. Also, he had roleplayed twice in his life before. Good thing 4E is gamist, eh?

Things retook from last time at the inn, where Quarl, Paris and Jayne (the fighter (who materialized in place of Wallace)) awoke from a good night’s rest. We decided upon checking out the kobold hideout a mile southeast of Winterhaven. Back on what looked like King’s Road, but starting from the other end, we were predictably jumped once more by a group of kobolds. Oh ho, said we. We have a tank now, nothing can stop us.


But, there were three dragonshields this time. And a wyrmpriest. And acid-slinging wyrmpriest. Quarl kept the corroder busy at first, while Jayne took the shieldbearers head on and wiffed every attack. Paris tried hitting the slinger a bit till the shifty bugger pissed me off and turned to assist Jayne.

Things went downhill from there.

We quickly discovered that kobold shieldmen hit hard, especially when the DM rolls like five 17s in a row. Quarl circled around us kiting the priest in a weird dance. After using both Paris’ Majestic Words and Jayne’s second wind, the damage builds up and Jayne goes down. Two shield dudes remain, plus the priest. Paris busts out his daily, killing one of them, and a nice crit from Quarl takes care of the priest, also enabling him to take the high ground and zap baddies from above.

Paris goes down on the next turn, and it’s up to the little kobold that could to mop up what’s left of the enemy combatants.

After resucitation, we check out the bodies, find some measly coins and a weird necklace on the priest. Deciding that if an advance guard nearly took us out, carrying on into their base camp was a bad idea. So we return to Winterhaven.

(Sidenote: 208 XP is more than twice what a normal encounter should give us! This shit is bananas I say!)

Back in town, we track down Sista Leinora to help us identify the necklace. She says it’s a symbol of Orcus. Three pairs of testicles shrink in unison. After a brief chat with Lord Padraig, we manage to convince him it’s in his best interest to give us a bit of downpayment so that we may be better supplied. Before we can leave the bar, we are approached by a shrouded half-elf woman who claims to have seen cultists to the southwest of the town while gathering herbs, but none of the villagers believed her.

At this point, we called it quits till next week, when Xiggy will find new and amazing ways to wipe the floor with us using kobolds.


I like your style, Joou, you did a good job with the recap.


So I logged on last night to post the adventure log and saw this. I was pleasantly surprised Joou, this is awesome.


Just to clarify, the comment about XP meant to imply that it was twice as much encounter as we should have faced. 4E is pretty well balanced for this kinda thing, in that a single level-appropriate encounter gets you 1/10 of the way into the next level.

You can leeway 30% either way to make for easier or harder encounters as it is, but consider that the norm is three to four encounters per day, and we made it through one. By the skin of our kobold.


Ok, yea the encounters should definitely be taken down a notch if we are missing players. Will do.

2 important facts not in the report:\

1) Lord Padraig besides the downpayment he offered you also cleared it so you have a free stay at the inn 2) Ninaran is actually a full elf and she is a hunter, not a flower picker (my apologies I kinda mixed up 2 NPC’s)


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