4th edition /tg/ campaign of awesome

Character Builder

Just checked this nifty program out. The link to download it is somewhere in the huge wall of text in our Skype chat. This is another one of my new favorite programs.

I suggest you guys use this because it makes character creation and leveling up a breeze. Also it helps keep things organized and you can easily post your character on to this site for me to see. Directions for doing so are as follows.

If you use it to make your character, click the Manage tab in the very top. Then click Summary below it. There is a button that will save it to your clipboard which you can use to right-click and paste in the description area for your character on this website.

If you don’t use the Character Builder it’s okay but please still get your character on the site here ASAP.


Finished my character, Sir! Quarl is up and ready to go.

Thanks again for taking a hearty chunk out of your schedule to set things up for us. I’m looking forward to our session!

Character Builder

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