4th edition /tg/ campaign of awesome

And Suddenly, Kobolds!

Alright so we actually finally officially started the campaign today! It was a rocky start with a few technical difficulties but after an hour and a half of perseverance we were able to get the campaign underway. Here is a run-down of what happened.

The party, (Quarl, Bardy McSpoonington, and Wallace Doherty) was investigating reports of a cult spotted about a year ago near the town of Winterhaven. Recent rumors have reported that a dark priest by the name of Kalarel is the leader of this death cult.

On the way to Winterhaven the party was jumped by a band of kobold raiders who they struck down valiantly.

After arriving in Winterhaven the party went directly to the temple to seek out Sister Linora who assured the adventurers that their was no cult nearby and if dark happenings were about she would be the first to know. When the party mentioned the kobolds, she pointed out Lord Padraig’s manor and said that he might be interested to hear about them.

The party persuaded the guards to give them an audience with Lord Padraig even with one of the group members being a kobold.

Lord Padraig expressed his distaste for the kobolds that had been attacking travelers more frequently and even going so far as of late to attack farms on the outskirts of Winterhaven. He claimed that he would pay modestly for the adventurers to clear out the kobold hideout and that they could keep whatever loot they find inside. He also suggested the party shack up at the inn for the night. Which they did.

I think it went very well for my first online DM session especially for a system I don’t know much about. I’m pretty sure everyone is relieved that we finally got started. We’ve planned on playing the next time we are all together and have time but next Wednesday is the set date for the next game.



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